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This web site has published is first article on April 27, 2021. In the first article, it was mentioned that (beginning of year’s 2000) over 2000 attacks a day was stopped by a firewall having attackers IP originating in China. That, knowing the nature of the attacks and the company behind the firewall, the motivation behind the attack could be to steal industrial and commercial secrets.

Then on May 4 ,2021, we have published an article giving the IP of those who did attack this site using the “XMLRPC”. A few IP from China was published among many IP’s from many countries around the world.

Less than 48 hours after, IP’s from China starts visiting all the pages and posts of this web site. This site is very new, have very bad SEO and if reported in search would be among the last one proposed.

We do know, by managing other sites that web sites that contain opinions, especially political opinion regarding government is frequently crawl by all kinds of ‘indexing system’.

We also knew that using GeoIP to block all access to visitors with IP’s from China have a direct impact on a Google search. Once we block access to some web site to visitors with an IP from China, Google crawler visits (indexing) almost become null.

A question remains now. Why is Google is not interested in crawling (indexing) a web site that block visits with an IP from China, and why is some IP’s from China are becoming so interested in this site?


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