TIPS: Fast search using the URL

Other than the search box, this site is structured with a smart pick of category URL to ease your search. Here is an example of how to make URL search for our site. Let’s start with the Hands-on article, ‘Install Nginx on CentOS 8’

You will find it by typing ‘Install NGINX’ in the search box.

The result will look like this:

Now click on the article to go to the ‘posts’ page to read the full article.

The breadcrumb will look like this:

The breadcrumb is just a nice way to present the URL. The full URL is:

Now let’s analyze the full URL and play with the different search base on a partial URL.

The core of this site is run by WordPress CMS and the permalink setting is:

Custom structure /%category%/%postname%/

This mean the URL is split like this: domain (TLD) / category / article-name


  • TLD is:
  • Root Category is: hands-on-server (slug)
  • First level Child Category is: server-install-application (slug)
  • article-name is : how-to-install-nginx-on-centos-8 (slug)

We also add a linked shadow Root Category of: server-install (slug)

You will fill all articles about ‘hands-on Server’ by typing this url:

You will find all articles about ‘Server Install Application’ by typing this url:

A broader search can be done about all ‘Server Install’ (OS, Application, etc.) by using the shadow Root Category url:

The current Category tree is this one:


TLD / hands-on-server (slug) / server-install-application (slug)

——————————- / server-install-os (slug)

——————————- / server-config-application (slug)

——————————- / server-config-os (slug)

——————————- / server-debug-application (slug)

——————————- / server-debug-os (slug)

To do a broad search about all installation articles (Application, OS, etc.) use the shadow Root Category server-install like this :

TLD / server-install (shadow slug)

Note: Except for a very few Root Category like ‘server-news’ we always use the singular in the slug to simplify the memorization of the search URL.

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