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If you are using pfSense as a Firewall you may have experienced a sudden drop in available memory.

Report of high memory usage have started with version 2.5.1

Below is a graphic view of a sudden drop of available memory on a pfSense firewall with 4Gb memory.

One of the source of this sudden need in memory could be coming from the new service PC/SC Smart Card Daemon

This service is of no utility if you are using your own hardware. More then, this service is of no utility on some of the original Netgate hardware solutions.

You can fix this by disabling the related service. You can do it on a online production firewall. This will not interrupt your firewall functionality and this will not impact on the firewall performance.

At the shell, you can use the service command line to start, stop and restart this service.

To stop this service try

service pcscd stop

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